The instructors at AIP have performed on stages around the world and also on many of the stages here in Las Vegas

Monica Bragg

Executive Director

Aset Bragg International performer trained in Russian Ballet, performed in commercials, shows, and top musicians, teaches dance, choreography, and acting. Formally trained in Early Childhood Development courses. Experience directing and organizing after-school programs in Los Angeles, CA

Ausar Bragg

Co-Executive Director

Ausar is a world-renowned performer and humanitarian.Ausar has taught and developed programs in schools, juvenile detention centers, private education, and through city programs

Joan Mullaney


Joan Mullaney former performer from The Metropolitan Opera Company in New York City.Her career includes radio and television commercials as on-camera talent and creator; industrials, stage and screen.

Eddie Mullaney


Teacher at CSN Theater, graduate from UNLV with BA in Theater, working as actor since infancy on TV, Stage, Radio. Professional acting coach and Tutor..



Anything Is Possible Inc (AIP) is a non-profit performing arts community based mentoring program that strives to make a difference through the mentoring of our youth. We offer classes such as Ballet, Afro-Brazilian Dance, Capoeira, Music, Voice, Acting, and other art forms that help mold future artists by giving them a chance to express themselves in the world of entertainment. The instructors at AIP have performed on stages around the world and also on many of the stages here in Las Vegas. AIP is unique and exemplary because our instructors are world- renowned performers, singers in the popular shows on the Las Vegas strip, Disney shows, Cirque Soleil. AIP connects these elite instructors/performers with the students who are at the highest risk and needs
Aip academy of the arts is a great place to come work out and meet good people from all walks of life the programs, Classes and shows are amazing. The vice president ASET NEFERTARI BRAGG IS simply the best and highly skilled in her craft and her record speaks for itself her board of directors spam as far as LA County, Las Vegas and many places around the world and the way she works with her Students ages 3 and up is nothing short of spectacular you must visit AIP Academy of the Arts and tell me what you think.

Malik Ali

My kids and I love AIP, the staff are such amazing, talented dancers. I have met several of their dance instructor's, and it amazes me how loving, patient, and professional they are. They take time out individually to insure each student is tought, encouraged and praised. It feels like we've known each other for years and that we are a huge family that feel comfortable being around. My kids love love love this place. My son has ADHD, I see improvement in his behavior, focusing, and getting his groove on. My daughter has always dreamt of doing ballet, and pland to volunteer after school. I just want to say thank you to Aset, Katie, and Remmy, and all the other staff, students, and parents for opening their hearts to my kids and I. We love all of you bunches.

Casandra Lynne Domina

House Wife
Couldn't think of a better place to bring your children to learn and experience the greatest moments of life.

Jane Miler

Paint Artist